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Aquabilities Swim Levels



8 weeks -3 years with a caregiver

Duration: 30 minute weekly classes

Max ratio: 4:1

  • Gentle and FUN approach to water safety and survival 

  • Geared toward children 3 and under, each with a caregiver 

  • Emphasis is on safety in the home and around aquatic environments

  • Techniques to help tolerate water on the face and head - homework at bathtime

  • Breath holding while submerging, front gliding, back floating, rollovers 

  • Propelling to the wall, holding on, hand walking and climbing out to safety


Little Develop

Ages: 2.5-3.5 - by instructor recommendation only

Duration: 30 minute weekly classes

Max ratio: 3:1

  • Transitional class from AquaTots to AquaDevelop

  • Parents are no longer assisting the swimmer in the water 

  • Independence in front glides, back floats, rollovers and breathing while propelling 

  • Must be able to sit safely on the steps showing comfort without a caregiver

  • Must be able to swim 5-10 feet with eyes and ears in the water independently

  • By instructor recommendation for the graduates of our AquaTot program


​​​AquaBasics 1 

Duration: 30 minute weekly classes

Max ratio: 4:1

  • Exhale underwater 

  • Fully submerge eyes and ears

  • Back float with assistance with ears in water

  • Enter and exit the water safely and independently. 

  • Full submersion and independent swimming skills without a flotation device 

  • Must show ability to sit on the steps safely, follow simple instructions and wait for turn


AquaBasics 2

Duration: 30 minute weekly classes

Max ratio: 4:1

  • Entering and exiting the pool safely 

  • Picking up rings at the 3 foot level

  • Gliding with eyes and ears in the water 

  • Gliding to the wall and holding on

  • Independence in back floating 

  • Roll overs will be introduced


AquaFast Track - 15 min Private Lesson

Duration: 15 minute weekly session

Max ratio: 1:1

Especially designed for AquaBasics swimmers to move to independent swimming skills quickly. These lessons typically produce independent swimming skills faster than group lessons due to the concentrated instruction and personalized approach. Once independent skills are achieved, swimmers will move to our AquaDevelop group class. This is achieved during a series of 15-minute private lessons focusing on:

  • Comfort with eyes and ears in the water 

  • Floating on his or her front 

  • Gliding independently for 5-10 feet

  • Independent back floating


AquaDevelop 1

Duration: 30 minute weekly classes

Max ratio: 4:1

  • Swimmers will be introduced to side breathing

  • Backfloat for 5-10 feet

  • Rollovers to perform swim-float-swim 

  • Independent swimming for greater distances 

  • Treading water for at least 10 seconds 

  • Deep water safety 


AquaDevelop 2    

Duration: 30 minute weekly classes

Max ratio: 4:1

  • Perform front crawl while breathing to the side 

  • Work toward swimming at least 30 feet independently 

  • Add long arms to backstroke 

  • Backwards glides off the wall 

  • Jumping into the pool at middle depth and swimming independently to safety 

  • Treading water for at least 30 seconds


AquaRefine 1   

Duration: 45 minute weekly classes

Max ratio: 4:1

  • Using long arms and side breathing for 30-60 feet 

  • Refine swim technique in front crawl and backstroke

  • Increasing endurance will be the focus. 

  • Breaststroke will be introduced

  • Jumping into deep water 

  • Treading water for at least 60 seconds


AquaRefine 2   

Duration: 45 minute weekly classes

Max ratio: 4:1

  • Swim 60 feet front crawl and backstroke

  • Refining breaststroke

  • Introduction to butterfly 

  • Treading for 2 minutes

  • Diving into deep water



Dolphins Preteam    

Duration: 45 minute weekly classes

Max ratio: 6:1

  • Continue to master the skills of freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly 

  • Performing racing dives and flipturns

  • Engaging in relay races 

  • Preparation for competition and/or lifelong swimming 

  • Swimmers are invited to participate in lightly competitive swim meets 

  • Junior lifeguarding skills and basic water rescues will be covered


Dolphins Swim Team

Duration: 60 minute weekly classes

Max ratio: 8:1

  • Improve their stroke technique, efficiency and endurance 

  • Swimmers are organized into lanes based on age and ability level

  • Each lane has its own coach dedicated to the swimmers 

  • There is light competition with other local swim teams 

  • We emphasize good sportsmanship and FUN at our meets

  • Junior lifeguarding skills including basic water rescue skills and hands only CPR

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