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Welcome to the Aquabilities Family!!

We are so excited to have you swimming with us! Here are a few key points we want to make sure you are aware of:


Class Info:  

  • Please report any future absence on our online portal.  This will allow our system to put a token on your account and make your spot available to another swimmer who may need a makeup. 

  • Makeups are not guaranteed - they are offered to you as a courtesy - we do not refund for missed classes

  • Makeup tokens may be redeemed at any of our locations by clicking the link on our website and signing up for a class at the same level as the swimmer  

  • Makeup tokens expire in 6 months from the date of the absence and may only be used while you are actively enrolled in the program.

  • If you will be absent from a private lesson, please email us as soon as possible (please do not do this through the website). A follow up with a phone call is also appreciated. Our instructors will still be paid in your absence so we do charge a cancellation fee based on the length of your lesson - any absence with less than 24 hours notice may be charged the full tuition.

  • Please do not come to swim class if your child has experienced fever, vomiting or diarrhea in the past 48 hours - we will give you a makeup token for that day 

  • If there is a pool closure due to extreme inclement weather (snow, ice, natural disaster) or other emergency, you will be offered a make-up token for any classes missed that were paid for - we do not offer refunds for program changes or cancellations

  • If there is a pool closure due to thunder, bodily fluid or acute mechanical issue, all swimmers will be given a water safety lesson on deck - these lessons are part of our program and will teach our swimmers and families about water safety at home, on vacation, on the boat, at the beach, at the pool and on ice. We encourage all participants and families to attend as this is lifesaving information


Billing Info:

  • Our classes are ongoing and you are perpetually enrolled in our program until you give us 30 days written notice

  • You credit card on file will be charged on or around the 20th of each month for the following month’s tuition and any outstanding balance

  • If you would like to withdraw from a group class, we ask for 30 days written notice to avoid a $40 early cancellation fee. If less than 30 days notice is given we will credit your Aquabilities account for the portion of unused tuition minus the $40 fee for use in a future class

  • If you would like to withdraw from private lessons, please give 7 days written notice to avoid the early cancellation fee which is equivalent to one week’s tuition. We will credit your Aquabilities account for any remaining classes that have been paid for, minus the early cancellation fee - refunds will not be issued

  • The annual enrollment fee will be charged during the month of your yearly anniversary - this helps pay for insurance 


Swimmer Info:

  • All swimmers are required to wear a swim cap in the pool -  we do make exceptions for those who are overly sensitive to having something on their head

  • We require swimmers under 3 or who are not 100% toilet trained to wear a properly fitted Happy Nappy swim bottom. The Happy Nappy is made of thick, comfortable neoprene material which prevents any solid waste from getting into the pool - it can also double as a swimsuit

  • If a swimmer is overly sensitive to temperature, we encourage you to wear a thermal neoprene wetsuit or spring suit 

  • If your child is sensitive to water on their face, please bring a washcloth from home to use during swim class

  • If your child is hesitant about coming to the pool, please have them bring a favorite water toy, doll or action figure from home to help ease the transition


Please feel free to communicate any questions or concerns with us as we want to make your experience with Aquabilities the best it can be!

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