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Adult Swim Instruction

Please click HERE for current class schedule and tuition.

If you do not see a class that works for you, please email us if you would like to form a class.


Must have at least 3 participant to run a class – Private and semiprivate lessons are also available - please email us for more information.


No Parent Left Behind!

Every parent/guardian needs to know basic water survival and rescue in order to best protect themselves and the children they are guarding. There are so many adults who enroll their children in swimming lessons because they do not know how to swim themselves. This only provides a false sense of security. Drownings can happen to even the most competent swimmers. If you are one of the many non-swimmers out there, please consider getting lessons for yourself. 


  • Enjoy the water with your family

  • Be able to help yourself or your child in the event of an emergency

  • Learn this valuable life saving skill in a safe, nurturing and fun environment with people just like you!


Adult Water Survival & Basic Rescue

This is not your typical learn-to-swim class. The instructor will work with adults on strategies to stay afloat and survive in the event of an emergency. Basic water rescue techniques will also be discussed if a child or loved one needs help and you are the only one there to provide assistance. Water safety at home, in pools, on boats and at the beach will also be addressed.

Adult AquaBasics

Participants will learn how to exhale under water, fully submerge their face, basic kicking, arm strokes, back floating, entering and exiting the water safely and independently, as well as basic water safety. We will emphasize independent swimming skills with and without a flotation device.

Adult AquaDevelop

Participants will learn to swim crawl stroke while breathing to the side. Emphasis will be to swim greater distances independently. They will also be improving their technique and endurance in backstroke. Swimmers will be jumping into the pool at greater depths and swimming independently to safety. Treading water and deep water safety will be covered.


Criteria for joining the Adult AquaDevelop class: Participants are swimming with their face in the water for at least 5 feet. They must also be able to back float independently for at least 5 seconds.

Adult AquaRefine

Participants are swimming at least 1/2 of the pool with the face in the water using both crawl and backstroke. Additional refinement of swim skills will be covered. Participant will be improving his or her endurance and confidence in the pool. Breaststroke and diving in the deep water will be introduced. Safety in the pool and natural bodies of water will be covered.


Criteria for joining the Adult AquaRefine class: Participants must have the ability to swim at least ½ of the pool using both crawl and backstroke. They must perform crawl stroke using side breathing, tread water for at least 20 seconds and jump into the pool independently at middle depth.

Masters Swimming

Participants will refine their skills in freestyle and backstroke in addition to being introduced to breaststroke and butterfly. Swimmers will learn how to perform deep water and racing dives. Flip turns and open turns will be introduced.


Criteria for joining a Masters class: Participants are swimming the full length of the pool independently using both crawl stroke and backstroke. Swimmers must be comfortable and competent in deep water and tread for at least 1 minute.

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