Recording Future Absences via the Parent Portal 

This is for Group Classes Only!  

Please email for Private Lesson absences.


If you know that you will be absent from your group class in advance, please use the parent portal to record this absence to allow your spot to be available to another make-up swimmer. 


Log into the Parent Portal 

Click on Future Absences found under the Enrollments heading 

Select the swimmer you would like to record the absence for.  You will need to do this for each swimmer if more than one will be absent. 


Click on Create Future Absence by Date

Indicate whether this absence will span multiple days or not.  This applies if you are enrolled in more than one class for the week and you will be absent for all of them. 

Select the Date that the swimmer will be absent and you may leave a comment if you would like. 


Click Submit and you are finished

at the Whitehall 
(347) 541-POOL (7665)
at the Hebrew Home