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New Swimmer Information

Please bring a towel, swim cap and goggles with you. We sell swim caps and goggles on deck if you would like to purchase them. All children under 3 or who are not toilet trained must wear a swim diaper.


Aquabilities Policies

The Whitehall has the following policies in order to ensure a safe and clean pool environment:


  • All swimmers must check in at the front desk (this is how we keep attendance)


  • All swimmers are required to wear a swim cap (we sell a variety of swim caps on deck for $10 if you need one)


  • Street shoes are not allowed on the pool deck in order to minimize bacteria from getting on bare feet. Please bring inside flip-flops. Cubbies are provided for street shoes on the deck. We also sell disposable shoe covers for $1.


  • Please do not bring food into the pool area as it attracts bugs. You may eat at the tables along the side wall


  • Children over the age of 4 are not permitted in the opposite gender locker rooms. We have a green tent on deck for changing. There is also a unisex bathroom in the laundry room just outside the club.


  • Please come to lessons no earlier than 15 minutes before your scheduled lesson time. Swimmers may not enter the pool until their lesson has begun.


  • SWIM BOTTOM POLICY We have recently switched from swim diapers to what is called a Happy Nappy, which does not look like a diaper at all. It is made of thick neoprene material and prevents any accidents getting into the pool. If a swimmer is not wearing the recommended swim bottom and an accident occurs, the fee charged to us of $150 will be billed to the family for pool cleaning.  You will not be charged if wearing the right swim bottom. 

  • To watch the Happy Nappy Video Click here

  • If you are 100% confident that this will not happen, we will not require your child to wear it, but you will be responsible for the cleanup fee if an accident does occur. It's just a little-added insurance for you.  My daughter was also potty trained before 2 years old but at 3 1/2 she had an accident in her swimsuit (I luckily caught it before she went back in the pool).  I hope you understand that we just can't afford to have the pool closed for 13 hours for disinfection if this happens. 

  • Some parents have their children use this as their swimsuit bottom or wear the bathing suit over top.  We also have one piece swimsuits which incorporate the bottom.  I added a picture of the Happy Nappy swim bottom and swimsuit below.   Let us know what you decide!


  • Once your child’s lesson is finished, please promptly leave the pool area (unless the child is a member of the Whitehall Club or you have paid the guest fee). Siblings are not permitted to swim unless they are members of the club.


Thank you so much helping keep our pool clean! If you have any questions about these policies, please see the Whitehall management. Thanks!


Other helpful hints:
  • The more practice there is outside of lessons, the quicker learning will happen (you may contact the Whitehall Club at 718-796-2100 for membership information or pay a guest fee on a daily basis in order to practice)


  • You are welcome to watch your child’s lesson on the chairs provided on deck. This will help you to carry over some of the skills that they are learning and techniques that we are using with them (even if it is only in the bathtub!). It can be distracting to the swimmers when parents sit poolside.


  • SAFETY FIRST!!! Another reason to watch the lessons is to be sure your child is safe. We have saved more kids from slipping off of the steps. It can happen in the blink of an eye. It can’t hurt to have an extra set of eyes on the lookout.


  • Goggles are not required but are helpful for getting comfortable with putting your face in the water. (we sell these on deck for $15)


  • We like to keep our environment as positive as possible. Children (and adults) are extremely motivated by positive feedback. Talk with your child about their lessons. Offer praise for their accomplishments and encouragement for working through what challenges them. Please also keep us posted of any concerns you or your child has.


  • There are locker rooms with showers for your convenience downstairs. If all of the lockers are occupied, please bring your belongings up to the pool deck. Please be sure your child has used the restroom before class to minimize interruption during the lesson.


  • Please jot down the dates of this session on your calendar. All holidays were considered when making the schedule.


  • If you are a parent who is not comfortable in the water, please contact us to set up swim instruction for yourself. It is never too late to learn and you can never be too safe!


  • Please feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns or feedback that will help you or your child excel in our swim program. This is a team effort!

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