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What an Aquamazing Deck Assistant looks like

A nice touch is to write the incoming class names on the whiteboard. This does several good things. First it lets the parents know they are in the right spot and the right time, also the kids love seeing their names and will often point them out to their parents. Finally it helps the instruct remember names especially when the are new swimmers or make ups in the class.

When a new class is starting the Deck assistant should be there to help the swimmers into the pool and make sure the instructor knows if anyone is new, doing a makeup, or having any issue that day where they might need special attention.

Goggles can take up  alot of time, putting on, adjusting, it's to loose or to tight. Having the Deck assistant help with this is a very important and extremely helpful as it allows the instructor to continue teaching the class and not have to stop every 5 minutes for goggles!

During the class it is important to be watching. Notice the position of the deck assistant in this photo. Sitting on the top step feet in the water ready to help if needed.

This is a great picture, showing the proper position during a class but also aware of another swimmer leaving and waving goodbye. 

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