Swim Lessons Reduce Risk of Drowning by 88%

Summer is quickly approaching and they say it takes a village to protect our kids! One of the reasons we built the pool in Putnam was to make sure that ALL of Michael's and Rachael's friends and classmates learn how to swim and be water safe.  We are also teaching caregivers water survival and rescue skills so that they can know what to do if their child needs help.  We are also so proud to be protecting our Riverdale community for over 20 years! 


We hope to continue our mission of saving lives but we need your help!  There are quite a few families who come to us who struggle to make ends meet and often extra curricular activities (including swimming lessons) fall by the wayside.  We have partnered with an organization called Hope Floats Foundation for assistance.  We need YOUR help to make these essential lessons affordable to all.  


Every donation made by our families through our website link will be earmarked for the swimmers in our Aquabilities community.  Every little bit helps.  All donations are tax deductible and all families must qualify financially to receive scholarship funds. To show our dedication to this mission, Chris and I will match all donations given now through the end of June!


We are also asking for the help of corporate sponsors.  If your place of work may be interested in donating to help our cause, please email us with a point of contact.  Thank you for helping save the lives of the children in our community!

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